Volunteering in Columbia, SC for the 2021 vacation


A group of volunteers at the Harvest Hope Food Bank | Photo by @harvesthopefb

Maybe you are already giving back all year round, or maybe practice gratitude this holiday season in your mind to give. All we know is there’s more than enough great causes in Colombia to devote time to it. Whether you are an animal lover, an outdoor enthusiast, a veteran supporter, or a vacation enthusiast, there is a volunteer opportunity nearby for you. Here are over 40 Columbia organizations to show some love this holiday season.

🦃 If the holidays are your favorite time of year:

  • Harvest hope | Help feed families during the holidays by volunteering for the Crisis Pantry or organizing a food drive. The organization looking for additional help on Thanksgiving morning.
  • No more homeless | This organization often needs meal donations, donations of bedding + hygiene products. It is also organize an upcoming holiday event and could use a few extra hands and a few gifts.
  • Feed the hungry | Join St. Peter’s Catholic Church + First Baptist Church for Columbia’s Biggest Thanksgiving Party. The organization already has enough volunteers to serve food, but is looking for donations.
  • Midlands Salvation Army | Take part in seasonal roles, like the bell ringer, stocking stuffer, or adoption by angels. Year round roles are also available, as a kitchen helper + family store employee.
  • Transitions | Help serve meals at the homeless shelter, volunteer at his library or help with activities at the day center.
  • Families helping families | Sponsor a family who needs food, clothes and Christmas gifts this holiday season.
  • Epworth Children’s Home | Take part in Christmas with Epworth through drop gifts to its annual holiday campaign from December 6 to 8.

Supporters of veterans today + on a daily basis:

  • OSU | Volunteer for a position at the USO location at the Columbia Metropolitan Airport. Volunteers help serve members of the mobile services + welcome to new recruits from Fort Jackson.
  • Hidden injuries | Fill out the interest form to learn more about the positions available to help support the organization’s mission at “help the heroes fight the invisible war at home. “
  • Mothers blue stars | Take part in Operation Elf and become one of Santa’s helpers for SC military families.

🍎 Born teachers + mentors:

  • Boys and Girls Club of Colombia | Become a mentor, coach, tutor, Where attend special events.
  • Big buddy buddy | Register to become a mentor for young men.
  • Camp Cole | Volunteers can choose to sign up for long term roles as facilitator or administrative assistant, sign up for monthly volunteer opportunities.
  • Family Connection of SC, Inc. | Fill out the volunteer form to find a variety of opportunities to support families of disabled children or special needs throughout SC.

💙 If you want to be there for victims of abuse:

  • Be nice, be big | Whether fund or feed the community directly, support is welcome to empower Columbia by creating opportunities + meals for those who need it most.
  • Sister | Discover a variety of programs that providing support to survivors of domestic violence and their children.
  • Healing Paths | Accompany survivors to hospital to provide support and answer the 24-hour community hotline.

♿ If you have a passion for people with disabilities:

  • SC Special Olympics | Become a coach, participate in a Unified sports team, Where volunteer for a day of event.
  • Capable SC | Get involved by becoming a travel ambassador, travel navigator, driver, or one office volunteer. Capable SC is also hire multiple positions if you have volunteered before and are looking to take the next step.
  • Babcock Center | Major volunteer opportunities include Gardening work, embellishment, transport services, and musical talent opportunities which include instrumental or vocal performances. Background checks are required of all volunteers.

💚 If you are a mental illness advocate:

Artistic types:

  • Colombia Art Museum | Get involved in the dynamic + engaging programs, facilitate artistic experiences, work with specific audiences, providing Customer service, Where administrative tasks. For more information call 803-799-2810 or fill in this form and email it to [email protected]
  • Tapp Outpost | Volunteers will receive field experience of what it’s like to run a gallery, and you will help the Columbia arts space thrive.

😷 If you are interested in healthcare:

  • American Cancer Society | Help to Fund raising, patient programs, Where education. Find flexible opportunities that work with your schedule if you are interested in virtually volunteering.
  • Free Medical Clinic, Inc. | Hi students, this one’s for you. This organization requires a commitment of at least 24 hours per semester.
  • Prisma Health Midlands Foundation | There are six main ways to get involved with support + volunteering with this organization. Whether it’s fundraising, donations, helping breast cancer patients or supporting the trauma center, find an area where you can step in and offer a helping hand.

🐶 If you are an animal lover:

Outdoor types:

  • Keep the Midlands beautiful | Join the organization for our last impeccable service Saturday of the year to December 15 at 9 a.m..m. Volunteers will be cleaning up Lower Richland Boulevard. in Richland County. All supplies will be provided. Register now here.
  • Saw Palmetto Conservation Foundation | The days of trail work are scheduled regularly throughout the year for maintenance chores, and unpredictably after storms to clean up debris. Building and maintaining trails can be physically challenging, but there are tasks for everyone.
  • Keeper of the Congaree River | The best way to help with the organization is to submit comments on political decisions, call or email your representative at support a good water policy, and defend the Columbia rivers at public meetings, commissions and hearings. Looking for a particular event? Sign up for a river cleanup.

🏳️‍🌈 If you are passionate about supporting local minority groups:

🏛️ If you live + breathe Columbia:

Self-proclaimed bibliophiles:

  • Richland Library | To fill this application. Once received + reviewed, it will invite you to a meeting. During the meeting, you learn more about the tasks involved, and have the opportunity to interview staff.
  • Midlands Reading Consortium | Become a weekly 30 minute tutor to help improve reading engagement for elementary school students. The organization also offers virtual options. To fill this form if you are new and this form if you are a returning tutor.

Social butterflies:

  • Colombia Junior League | The Junior League of Columbia encourages volunteerism among young people through its Junior volunteer program. The Junior Volunteers is a program created for girls in grades 7 to 12 who are interested in making a difference around Columbia.

Handymen + women:

  • SC Center Habitat for Humanity | The organization offers plenty of opportunities through their volunteer calendars and would like to put you in touch with a project, whether it’s neighborhood revitalization, restoration, or site.

Did we miss anyone? Let us know, and we’ll make sure to add the organizatin to the list.

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