This Entrepreneur’s Aggregation Platform Makes Finding Child Care Centers and Kindergartens for Parents in India Easier


Much has been said and written about how motherhood leads women to discover new strength, new power, and new courage within themselves. American writer JD Salinger best captured it in The catcher in the rye when he wrote, “Mothers are all a little bit crazy. Entrepreneurship then is perhaps a form of such maternal madness, if you will, springing from a place of unconditional love and wishing the best for their offspring.

In 2016, Ketika Kapoor was looking for child care for her then 10 month old baby. Ketika was preparing to return to work in the office after nearly a year of flexible hours.

After earning her BA in Information Technology from Indraprastha College for Women in Delhi and an MBA from Management Development Institute in Gurugram, she rose through the ranks during her career as a consultant with Aon Hewitt until a managerial position.

For a mother already struggling with the guilt of choosing to pursue her career, the tedious and disorganized ways to join daycare only added to the woes.

“You have to be really lucky to have access to an on-call daycare; for them to pick up so you can get all the details and requirements. They usually ask to visit the daycare to discuss fees and other details.” , Ketika said. HerStory.

She realized that daycare centers in India do not have legal prerequisites or licenses, which leaves the industry lagging behind when it comes to transparency and leaves a lot to be desired in terms of structure and user-friendliness. the parents.

This prompted her to give up her ten-year corporate career for good and go into the business. His idea was to leverage technology to set up a platform to ensure easy access to quality child care and child care for parents. And so, in 2017, she founded the Delhi-based aggregation platform ProEves, with more than 7,000 centers in five states, packed with information on accepted age groups, hours of operation, total capacity and staff-to-child ratio.

How ProEves works

The startup is now present in five states, including Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Telangana, Punjab and Tripura, where daycares and daycares can choose to enroll in the general or premium category for 6-month-old children. at the age of 12.

For centers that have opted for the premium category, ProEves offers internal assistance via its SaaS support to empower them digitally. In addition to the subscription fees for the premium list, the startup receives a commission on each reservation on the platform. It also reaches out to over 100 companies to help working parents with child care needs.

On Children’s Day this year, ProEves launched the LEARN campaign to offer 3,000 hours of free learning and support to preschoolers, including live and recorded lessons.

Navigate the market

Ketika says being the first player in early childhood education was both a responsibility and a challenge. “Anyone looking to launch an ecommerce brand today can look to Amazon and Flipkart, but there’s no one to look to for ProEves,” she says.

At present, the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) market in India is dominated by preschool chains such as Tree House Education & Accessories, Zee Learn (Kidzee), EuroKids International, Hello Kids Education India and Kangaroo Kids Education.

Ketika believes that “the industry is fragmented and unregulated, ripe for disruption, and we are the largest aggregators with quality centers in India, targeting a $ 3 billion market opportunity that grows 20% annually. ”

After raising a seed fundraiser in 2019, the startup is in talks to raise another round of fundraising for team expansion, business development and to increase its technological capabilities. While Ketika declined to share how much investment was put into the business, she claims to have increased eightfold with digital adoption from 2020 to 2021 with an ARR of over $ 1 million. In the future, ProEves is focusing on transforming more centers into ProEves Edge Center.

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