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English teachers are needed throughout the Gulf, especially native English teachers. Woooah, you say ‘native’ eh? And if you are Swedish, with an almost native accent and have decent experience or qualifications, will I be able to apply? Yes!

Let’s talk first qualifications – having a PGCE or being a graduate teacher from where you come is very practical. Your options will be more, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have options if you don’t. Whatever your degree, I advise you to do your best to obtain a CELTA (1 month of intensive course – or 6 months part-time). If this is not possible, get a TESOL or TEFL (also available online, but make sure it is from a recognized and registered place). Get some teaching experience even if it’s on a voluntary basis.

IF you don’t have a degree, you still have a chance inshaAllah! I strongly advise you to get CELTA, TESOL or at least TEFL. Employers sometimes make exceptions and if they see that you have potential and that you are working hard, they will do their best to get you there. If you are looking to become a reception / nursery / kindergarten teacher, I would also advise you to try to get the CACHE level 3 diploma which is required for those who are to work at this stage in the UK.

Online Qualifications – Here in Qatar, they have reservations about the qualifications made online, a friend of mine had a master’s degree in ESL and because there was this writing “14 hours of distance learning” in her transcript, they refused to accept it. Having said that, she also had a CELTA and for that reason they finally accepted it.

Where to apply There are many international schools and tuition centers here that are ready to hire in various educational settings. Go through the “International Schools” here (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_schools_in_Qatar) and search them on Google, then directly through their website, contact them and ask for their HR email address so that you can send your CV. You can get a general overview of the school on the website when it comes to deen. Some “fancy” looking schools present themselves as very modern and not very oriented towards anonymity, which is sometimes not the case. There is no harm in applying and visiting the school to see for yourself.

I would also advise you to apply to Hukoomi madaaris (government schools) – https://tawtheef.edu.gov.qa/ (In Arabic it’s worth having someone to help you), here they are religious ( Islamic studies, Quran, etc.) unlike some international schools where they can celebrate holidays that are contrary to the Quran and Sunnah and have very little emphasis on Islam in their curriculum. You can also see ‘http://www.edu.gov.qa/en/about/Career/Pages/default.aspx’

If you really want to actively seek employment, go to the school itself and hand in your CV directly and ask to speak to the human resources or education coordinator.

Marketing! You have to really value yourself and know how you can contribute to school in a positive way! J If you do your research and know the background and ethics of the school, you can inshaAllah WOW them, just be sure to say the duaas before speaking to someone and have it in Allah that if this is meant for you, nothing can stop it. Do your asbaab and leave the rest to Him. May Allah make us the most pleasing to Him. Ameen. The miracles and stories of families who literally got top jobs with barely any qualifications / experience can give you goosebumps.

اشْرَحْ لِي صَدْرِي وَيَسِّرْ لِي أَمْرِي وَاحْلُلْ مِنْ لِسَانِي يَفْقَهُوا قَوْلِي

Rabb-ishrah li sadri, wa yassir li ‘amri, Wah-lul’ uqdatam-min-li-saani, Yaf-qahuu qawlii

O my Lord! Open my chest to me (grant me self-confidence, contentment and daring); Make it easy for me; And remove the obstacle from my speech, so they can understand what I’m saying
[Surah Ta-Ha; 20:25-28]

Allah acts in a mysterious way and if you do this for Him alone, He has mentioned that you will find on earth many [alternative] locations and abundance ‘- سورة نساء – Ayah 100.

There have been sisters who have focused on working only in schooling centers, and there is still a need for English teachers (native and non-native). Be sure to ask them what their policy is regarding students canceling classes at the last minute, will they pay if they cancel 5 minutes before class? Keep that in mind.

Now let’s move on to Rawaatib (Salaries) and the ‘wrap‘in Qatar for an English teacher

Native English teachers typically score QAR 8,000 to QAR 14,000. It depends on the school, your qualifications and your experience. Non-natives can get less, and Allah knows better. This figure would be based on your base salary, accommodation and transportation. So if they give you 10,000 per month, the split can be: 6000 Basic, 3000 Accommodation, and 1000 Transportation. Some highly qualified teachers in well-established schools can obtain their accommodation free of charge. Teacher assistants get less, a sister in the west was offered 5,000 full-time.

If you are hired by the school and under their sponsorship then normally as part of your package you should get a flight home or a return ticket if you renew your contract at the end of the school year , bonus which is normally paid at the end of the contract (end-of-service allowances and they will be calculated according to your base salary) and 1 month of annual leave (this could be less, not entirely sure, different schools have different policies).

Other points you might want to discuss with your potential employer are: kids and discounts or free school fees for your kids, do they give you a raise at the end of the year – if so, and how many and how many days per week you will work and schedules. Usually schools start at 6:45 am and end around 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm and you may need to work some Saturdays. Sometimes you may also need to take professional development programs which may be outside of your working hours. Flexibility is important when working in international schools. Life can be hectic at times and you can constantly do your best to meet the needs and demands. your students, their parents and the administrator. However, you cannot please everyone by being compassionate and understanding the context that many students / administrators come east indispensable and necessary. May Allah make us all more pleasing to Himself and grant us ikhlas, Amine.

Tutoring is huge here! If you network with friends and get to know who needs tuition, the pay is pretty decent. It would start from approximately 150 QAR to 250+ QAR per hour. A sister advertised on this website https://www.myprivatetutor.qa/ and posted ads on all Qatar FB groups + Instagram and sometimes earned up to QAR 10,000. While students can cancel at the last minute, set your ground rules when negotiating your terms. She would help them with their homework, see where they need improvement and support them as needed with additional worksheets and activities.

Let’s move on to documents – Many companies hire you while you are still in your country of residence, if they do, they normally send you a temporary work permit which you would present to immigration upon entry.

BEFORE you are leaving, be sure to ask what documents you need and make sure they are stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and sometimes they need to be stamped by the Qatari embassy as well. There are many cases where people had to wait 6 months because they did not get the correct certificates and did not authenticate the document in the issuing country. There are a few companies in Qatar where they do all the work for you, a friend has graduated from BA, etc. while she was here, for around 1,800 QAR. Employers ask for different documents, so be sure to research them before you go.

ultimately, once you have your temporary work permit and you have started to settle in, the “mandoob” (man in charge of sorting your residence permit) will take care of obtaining your residence permit. Unlike other countries where you have to do it yourself, this ‘mandoob’ does it and if you have any other questions, he should be spoken to.

Some additional documents that you will be asked to obtain are:

Medical test (100 QAR)


Sometimes they ask to translate your qualifications into Arabic; it can cost around QAR 100 to 150 per document.

If you don’t know your blood type, you may need to go to a private hospital to get checked. It costs around 50 QAR but prices may vary.

DISCLAIMER: The links mentioned above may contain job postings, some aspects of which may not be Islamic, please be sure to check everything carefully before proceeding. We aim to attain taqwa inshaAllah, which is similar to being careful walking a path strewn with thorns so that even the little things count.

May Allah make it easy for all of us and grant us barakah in our endeavors, Ameen.

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