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Increased access to quality licensed child care at Selkirk College’s Silver King Campus in Nelson will help families strike the right balance that will help build stronger communities.

Open to families in September, the new Silver King child care center offers 24 new spaces for Selkirk College students and the community at large. Made possible by funding of $ 1.2 million from the provincial government’s Childcare BC New Spaces Fund and $ 300,000 from the Columbia Basin Trust, the center is operated by the Kootenay Kids Society.

“I am delighted that members of the Selkirk College community and other busy parents in Kootenay now have on-site child care at the Silver King Campus to make life easier,” said Nelson-Creston MPP Brittny. Anderson.

“On-campus child care means parents can have peace of mind knowing their children are nearby. Thank you to everyone who helped make this new center a reality. These new spaces help parents balance raising their children with their education so that they are able to build a solid foundation for their families.

The Silver King Child Care Center opens 24 licensed spaces to the community, including 16 children from birth to 36 months and eight children aged three to five. Eight spots have been set aside for Selkirk College students, with the remainder available for the general community through the non-profit Kootenay Kids Society.

Located in the Rosemont neighborhood of Nelson, where it opened in 1964, the trades-based Silver King campus offers programs ranging from welding and hairdressing to academic upgrading and woodworking. Students from all Selkirk College campuses in the region can apply for the places.

“Child care centers on our campuses make it easier for students to continue their education, improve support for Selkirk College employees with young families, and support the community with more early learning opportunities for children,” said Angus Graeme , president of Selkirk College. “Selkirk College’s core mission is accessible and affordable post-secondary education and this addition to the Silver King campus is an important one. With increased availability of licensed child care, parents facing barriers to access now have additional options. “

The Kootenay Kids Society provides services to families and children in the West Kootenay region. These services include a wide range of social and educational programs for new and future parents, access to the library and toy lending resources, Indigenous programs, family cultural events, early intervention support services and home visits to provide additional care for new parents. . The newly opened daycare provides quality care for children aged 0-5 and provides an experiential learning environment that includes all children.

“The Kootenay Kids Society is pleased to partner with Selkirk College and the Columbia Basin Trust to provide these additional child care spaces in Nelson,” said Helen Lutz, Executive Director of Kootenay Kids. “The implementation of daycare at the college will reduce educational barriers for students who are parents. We look forward to welcoming students from the college’s Early Childhood Care and Education program who will complete their studies and internships. It really is a win-win situation for so many families in the community.

The partnership with Columbia Basin Trust is an essential part of the new center. Since launching its child care support program in 2017, the Trust has created 820 new child care spaces and upgraded nearly 2,600 spaces in the Columbia Basin region.

“We are delighted to have been a part of this project from the start and it is exciting to see it now benefiting families and students in and around Nelson,” said Johnny Strilaeff, President and CEO of Columbia Basin Trust. “Children will receive quality care that promotes their development, parents will be able to devote time to other areas of their lives, and post-secondary students will be able to focus on their studies. Congratulations to all the partners who made this possible.

Including these new spaces, a total of 70 new licensed child care spaces in Nelson were funded by the province as part of Childcare BC’s space creation initiatives. They are part of the fastest creation of child care spaces in British Columbia history, with more than 26,000 new licensed child care spaces funded in British Columbia since 2018.

Since launching in February 2018, the Childcare BC Plan has helped parents in Nelson save more than $ 1 million through its affordability initiatives, such as the Affordable Child Care Benefit and the Childcare Initiative. reduction of childcare costs.

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