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The IRFU Youth Volunteer Award is now online and can be accessed through its GAINLINE education platform. First announced on International Youth Day 2021, the award is an initiative of the IRFU Youth Council and aims to equip young players with the skills to become a valuable volunteer with their club. rugby.

Announced August 12e, International Youth Day, the aim of the program is to give 16-24 year olds the opportunity to be recognized for their volunteer work in their club, school or university.

The award is complemented by online modules and a number of practical hours performed within a rugby club.

Participating volunteers will need a IRFU GAIN LINE account to access course content. This can be set up by following the link below:


The IRFU Youth Volunteer Award has three levels.

  • Bronze – Complete two core modules and one development module
  • Silver – Complete two of the remaining Core Mods and one of the remaining Dev Mods
  • Gold – Complete the rest of the core and development modules and earn 12 hours of hands-on hours.

The full list of Youth Volunteer Award modules is as follows:

Basic Modules – Training, refereeing, sports development, performance analysis, medical and player well-being, public relations.

Development Modules – Anti-harassment, anti-doping, game formats.

Upon reaching the Gold level, participants receive a certificate and rewards pack as well as a resource / template booklet.

Click here to choose your modules and start your volunteering journey for young people.

To contact the IRFU Youth Council or to report any issues with the process, email here.

The members of the IRFU Youth Council are:

Leinster: Eve Higgins, Sarah Darker, Alice O’Dowd, Molly Boyne, Niamh de Paor.

Munster: Meadhbh Lewis, Conor Fitzpatrick, Tommy Holohan, Jillian O’Toole, John Shaw, Hugh Guest.

Connacht: Cameron Brill, Ivana Kiripati, Joe Leddy, Sean Lenehan.

Ulster: Jack Hampton, Emily Millar, Johnothan Reid, Lia McKenzie, Conor Henry.

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