Daycare fined after escaping children


A Gold Coast daycare has been fined after two toddlers escaped the facility and were found along a busy road.

The Queensland Department of Education has taken legal action against the Okeedokee Early Learning Center in Coomera following the October 2020 incident in which the two-year-olds left the premises without be detected and were seen running towards traffic.

The daycare was fined $ 15,600 in Southport Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

Dash camera footage of the incident posted on social media showed children running towards Foxwell Road before being pulled over by pedestrians.

The Queensland Department of Education has taken legal action alleging the center failed to provide children with adequate supervision and take all reasonable precautions to protect children from dangers and dangers.

He also said the center did not ensure that children did not leave the premises and did not take reasonable steps to ensure that staff followed policies and procedures relating to a safe environment.

“The penalties imposed reflect the seriousness of these offenses under national law and regulations and the prosecution sends a strong message to all licensed providers of their responsibilities to closely monitor and protect children in their care. against risk of harm, “the Queensland Department of Education said of the fine in a statement.

“In particular … (the magistrate) noted that there was a high level of confidence in a service by parents and that this incident could have resulted in death or serious injury.

“It is essential that all those involved in the education and care of children are aware of the importance of active supervision, and this case shows the serious consequences that can result when children are not properly supervised.”

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