Cumbria Wildlife Trust and Jigsaw Children’s Hospice win Gannett grants


Your favorite local newspaper has given local charities the opportunity to participate in a huge cash giveaway of £ 125,000.

The charitable arm of our parent company, the Gannett Foundation, is providing £ 125,000 in cash to support local charities across the country and we are delighted to have a share of £ 25,000 to donate in our area.

After weeks of asking our readers to nominate and vote for their most deserving charity, we can reveal Cumbria Wildlife Trust and Jigsaw, Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice as the lucky winners of the grants.

Vanessa Sims, editor-in-chief of the Newsquest Cumbria regional group, said: “Newsquest Cumbria is delighted to be able to offer its support to such worthy charities and great local causes.

“Our readers have been very supportive of our charities this year. Votes have poured in by the thousands.

“Here at Newsquest Cumbria, we are proud to play a role in supporting such important charities.”

The Jigsaw Children’s Hospice in Cumbria will receive £ 1,829.45 and the Cumbria Wildlife Trust will receive £ 3,429.27.

Cumbria Wildlife Trust is the only voluntary organization dedicated solely to the conservation of Cumbria’s wildlife and wild places. The Trust defends wildlife, creates wildlife refuges and seeks to raise awareness of the environment.

Formed in 1962 and supported by thousands of members and supporters, the Trust cares for 40 nature reserves, advocates for the protection of endangered habitats and species such as limestone cobblestones and red squirrels, and works with adults and children to discover the importance of the nature world.

Cumbria Wildlife Trust is part of a partnership of 46 local Wildlife Trusts across the UK. With over 800,000 members and 2,300 nature reserves, The Wildlife Trusts is the UK’s largest voluntary organization dedicated to the conservation of the full range of UK habitats and species.

Jigsaw Children’s Hospice provides daily care, support and activities to children and youth living with life-limiting illnesses. Care is provided in a home away from home and the care of each young person is personalized according to their own needs.

The ethic of the association is to work in partnership with children and young adults, their families, caregivers and other professionals. The staff aim to maintain the normal routine of children and young adults and to make each stay as special and enjoyable as possible.

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